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Whether it’s a large project or small, Pipe Replacement Solutions offer services for every client at any capacity.

  • 1997
    Established in Queensland
  • 2008
    Established in Canberra ACT
  • 2020
    Upgrades to the latest equipment to service our customers


Pipe Replacement Solutions Pty Ltd (PRS) has been specialising in Trenchless replacement of sewer, water and stormwater-mains by means of pipe bursting, upsizing and slip-lining relining and horizontal directional drilling since 1997. In 23 years PRS have successfully replaced more than 150 km’s of mains. From the beginning of 2008 we have also entered the relining market and established an affiliate company Relining Solutions Pty Ltd (RS) for relining work in order to be able to offer our customers in addition to our traditional products, a proven AM-liner relining system alternative. PRS also established a sister company “Hydrovac Solutions Pty Ltd” in mid 2012 to undertake Hydro-vacuum digging work.

An office in Canberra ACT was established in 2008 and has grown to be a major part of our business, with clients and contracts in both the local Government and the private sector.

As a family owned business, the directors are closely involved with day to day operations of the company ensuring only the highest quality of work at all times. Thanks to a progressive, hands-on approach over many years, improvements and advancements are continuously being made to provide clients with the best possible outcomes. PRS uses polyethylene piping for all applications which is renowned for its flexibility, versatility and cost effectiveness.

We pride ourselves on creating great relationships with our clients and providing them peace of mind when undertaking any new project.

Inventory for Pipe Replacement Solutions

Static Bursting Equipment

  1. Two 45 ton pulling power TRS H45 Hydrahaul pipe bursting machines
  2. One 65 ton pulling power TRX H65 Hydrahaul pipe bursting machine
  3. One110 ton pulling power TRX H110 Hydrahaul pipe bursting machine

Dynamic Bursting equipment

Essig Pneumatic hammers:

1x IPM55, 2xIPM130, 1xIPM155, 1xIPM240 and 1xIPM260.


206mm x 1,130mm x 2, 85mm x 1, 95mm x 1

Bursting Heads:

125mm- 600mm


  1. XAS 300DD7 Atlas Copco Compressor
  2. XAS 375DD6 Atlas Copco Compressor


  1. 10 & 5 tonne Bagela Winches.
  2. 5 tonne Hammer Head Winch.


Pieter Esterhuysen

Pieter Esterhuysen

Managing Director
Fernando Luis

Fernando Luis

Operations Manager
Allen Van Der Merwe

Allan van der Merwe

Site Manager
Mark Douglas

Mark Douglas

Site Manager
William Cocks

William Cocks

Site Manager

Organisational Chart

Organisational Chart For Hydrovac Solutions Pty Ltd




Pipe Replacement Solutions utilizes only the latest pipe bursting technologies. New advancements mean fasted project times, increased precision and less impact on the environment.



Pipe Replacement Solutions offers the most accurate, effective, efficient and safe pipe replacement services. We pride ourselves on our extensive experience and ability to carry out any job with the greatest care.

Cost Effectiveness

Cost Effectiveness

Our trained team combined with quality equipment can expedite the pipe replacement process. Reduction in time taken means reduction in the costs of equipment and manpower used.