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Environmentally friendly, cost-effective and efficient pipe rehabilitation and consultation services.
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We fix Sewer drains, Stormwater drains and water services using Pipe bursting and Hydro excavation.

We also clean drains and can provide condition reports to assess problems.

Specialists since 1997

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As a family owned business we pride ourselves on creating great relationships with our clients and providing peace of mind when undertaking any new project.

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I can highly recommend Pipe Replacement Solutions Pty Ltd. They replaced 20m of sewer pipe at my home in September 2020, due to tree roots blocking the old pipe. They used the pipe-bursting method to replace the pipe, which was far less invasive than digging a trench the whole way. The system they employed did not cause any vibration, so there were no structural issues for my home. While it seemed expensive compared to a quick-fix solution, I am confident it was the best long-term solution to what would have been an ongoing problem. The cost was justified by the close-knit team working solidly for three days with high-tech equipment and taking every precaution regarding the nearby gas line. I found the company to be reliable, professional and very good to deal with, particularly as they respected my property and returned it to an even better condition than they found it.

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Curtin, ACT
25 September 2020