Consulting Services

We can provide extensive reports along with recommendations, cost analysis, feasibility studies and more to help you make informed choices about your projects.
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With our extensive engineering background and hands-on expertise, Pipe Replacement Solutions (PRS) can provide a wide range of consultation services. We pride ourselves in providing professional information and recommendations that are cost effective, time efficient and environmentally friendly. Our consulting expertise extends to:

  • CCTV inspections and analysis
  • Pipe bursting
  • Pipe upsizing
  • Sliplining
  • Pipe relining
  • Cleaning of sewer, water and storm water systems
  • Cosmic lateral lining, spot repairs and lateral seals
  • Directional drilling

We have provided expert consultation to a number of Councils, Government Departments and Consult Engineers across Australia providing extensive reports, recommendations and cost analysis for our customers. We have the ability to develop these reports and recommendations based on available data, or conduct our own research to collate the required information to provide our customers with an informed choice. One of our specialties is to conduct feasibility studies on upsizing. For example, recently we conducted a study on the upsizing from 500mm to 750mm pipe.